Tent America

ATD-Tent America- in Contra Costa County will be hosting a tent in the city of Pittsburg, California, also known in its history as “New York Landing”, and “Black Diamond” due to its abundant coal mines. Pittsburg is also coined the gateway to the Delta.
In unity, the various churches and worshippers coming together for this event are honored to host a tent of worshiping Jesus in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

National Tent America
In 2018, our nation was blanketed with tents of worship, prayer and gospel proclamation in all 50 state capital cities and on 101 university campuses. This year we are praying that worship be multiplied into hundreds and even a thousand tents and tens of thousands of worshippers simultaneously lifting up the name of Jesus across our nation! We believe this is God’s heart for our nation and generation. God is breathing on this moment in a special way and bringing unity among, churches, organizations and worshipers around the country. We believe we are witnessing the first rumblings of a great awakening in our nation. Tent America means tent gatherings of worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation, happening simultaneously across all of America. Truly, this is an hour for the worth of Jesus to go viral.

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