the Watering Hole

Taste & See that He is Good!

As we come and immerse ourselves in Him, refresh in His Presence, experience the rain of living water, we go higher and higher to drink of Jesus! In Genesis 16: 14, Hagar had an encounter with the Living God at a “Watering Hole” that changed her life. In having this encounter, she understood that God’s eyes are always on us, still listening, and He never leaves us.

She stepped into a place of knowing and understanding the relationship available to her from Abba Father, “A Well to the Living One Who knows us intimately.” Nancy Akins founded this monthly gathering in Concord, CA, in August of 2016. The Watering Hole is a monthly gathering of different worship groups, amazing speakers, and testimony sharing in the region of Contra Costa. It is open to all people of all ages. (see calendar for upcoming Event Dates)

His Jealous Love

Stay in My Spirit & Watch what I Will Do!

His Jealous Love began in Uganda in 2018. Many women were ignited and immersed in the Lord’s Jealous Love, and Nancy brought this profound awakening to the United States. His Jealous love is a life conference that is focused on pursuing Jesus with great anticipation and expectation of being caught up in His glory! The women learn to receive joy through beautiful intimacy beholding Jesus face to face.

Women learn to walk in His lifestyle as His Beloved learning to love who we are in our identity in Him, setting us free from all deception, lies, and confusion we embrace. Inner Healing transforms This is a powerful time to partner with the women of our city inviting them to discover their identity in Jesus as a daughter of the King (see calendar for upcoming event dates)

International Missions

Stay in My Spirit & Watch what I Will Do!

Our mission in transforming communities through God’s love is to equip and encourage people with life-changing, healthy tools to bring change to their lives, and homes, and communities. This is so much more than social work; this is the love of Jesus changing peoples’ lives! Families step into their God-given identity with great joy! Your donations enabled us to purchase water filters and dig clean wells, which increased the health and well-being of entire villages and communities. We provided sewing machines, knitting machines, tin sheets for roofing, and construction on community buildings. We began literacy classes with training.

We brought women’s conferences into the villages and did many community outreaches deep in the bush. We spent time at Hope for Women in Crisis, a Christian house for pregnant girls who were rape victims. We brought clothing, daily hygiene products, food, and financial support. We worked with an organization called Path Ministries.

They established a children’s village, which has been operating successfully for the past 15 years with an orphanage, community, school, church, medical clinic, and a vocational school.

It is joyful to see these beautiful people embrace big dreams, and we have the privilege of partnering with them. These needs are of great value, and we rely on all financial resources of funding from individuals and organizations. Your support is critical to the current projects that the Lord has brought to these villages and continues to grow. Will you partner with us Help Build God’s Vision for His Beloved!


“I have a message, an encouraging message to all peoples of all nations of the Gospel for living a life of radical Christianity. I hold nothing back when sharing because the reality of Heaven’s power for salvation, healing, deliverance, and transformation are so real and joyous. My child-like faith and joy will draw you into a supernatural heavenly reality.”


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