On the fourth Sunday of the month, we invite different worship groups from the Bay area as well as various guest speakers.

The Lord told me to have a place that people can come and experience the authenticity of Holy Spirit, to meet Jesus, to move in as the Lover and Abba Father to come with Father’s Heart. He said these people are not or don’t have to be known or have a platform to speak… He said He was not interested in having people who already speak on Sundays as a pastor to speak.

He gave me the name the Watering Hole as I was traveling out here from Jacksonville Fl. I was in the desert, and He kept saying Nancy, look at the Watering Hole. Finally, the third time, I said, “Lord, are you trying to say to me…” He said, remember this there is always a watering hole in the middle of the desert/wilderness.

the Watering Hole


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