To encourage and bring joy to all peoples of all nations and for them to live their lives for the Kingdom of God.

To equip and train all peoples with lifechanging tools as they walk in His Jealous Love forming deep intimacy with Jesus.

To bring people into knowledge as citizens of heaven to develop their identity through an understanding of Biblical principles based on different translations using Hebraic, Greek, and Aramaic bible interpretations of the Word.

To enhance the understanding of passionate Kingdom reality through praise, worship, prayer time, and revelatory teachings.

To equip, train, teach, and make disciples of all nations


She is passionate about developing intimacy with God and walking in real authentic transformation. She gives Biblically-based inspirational messages that assist people in living their lives of wholeness in joyful freedom to its fullest. Nancy's greatest joy is seeing people transition from brokenness to wholeness and becoming the most empowered, authentic version of themselves.

To be in her presence is to be in the overflow of Jesus' joy. She is an encourager to many. Nancy's heart beats for the gathering of all peoples and nations to walk in the supernatural realm and power of God. She teaches people to live a lifestyle as a citizen of heaven in understanding God's Kingdom Principles. She walks in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, loves Jesus. And, where she goes, people are supernaturally changed. As a result, wholeness enters homes, communities are significantly impacted by the glory of God.

Nancy studied at Troy University, obtaining a Degree In Criminal Justice and Criminal law.

Nancy is the Founder of His Jealous Love, the Watering Hole, and she is a USA and International humanitarian. Her joy is to work with the homeless, both locally and nationally. Nancy aids in building better lives for families by helping them become entrepreneurs running family businesses creating sustainable businesses to the communities.

As the founder of the International Division of Nancy Akins Ministries, she and her team join other international groups to build wells, supply fresh water to the communities, and build community structures, schools, gardens, solar power, and general education for the people. She has trained and provided necessary help to family-owned businesses creating financial sustainability for family households, which helps expand their communities. Families become self-dependent through business development and strategies.

In 1979, I remembered my old lifestyle of alcohol and drug addiction that brought me to a life-changing encounter with Jesus. I was not afraid because there was great peace that came into the room. Jesus talked to me, and He said, “Nancy, you have to give your life to me right now. Not 5 minutes from now, not tomorrow, not next week, right now!” He said, “I have special plans for you.” We talked for what seemed hours. He showed me why I had lived and not died. I remember hearing the conflicting opinions of friends, “don’t listen to Him,” or “listen to Him.” It was such a confusing time of my life. But I decided to trust Jesus, and when I did what Jesus asked, I encountered what a glorious experience of myself entering into a glory cloud was. I did what Jesus asked and will always remember my “Jesus Encounter” with such gratefulness and fondness of the day He gloriously transformed me into my new life! I now live a radical and wild-lifestyle for Jesus, who set me free.

I have a message, an encouraging word to all peoples of all nations of the Gospel for living a life of radical Christianity. I hold nothing back when sharing because Heaven’s power for salvation, healing, deliverance, and transformation are so real and joyous. My child-like faith and joy will draw you into a supernatural heavenly reality. I have taken this message to nations and proclaimed the power of Christ’s Kingdom from the streets to the prisons, to the churches and organizations to the youth groups in the United States to remote locations in Uganda, Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroon, and Russia. I enjoy public speaking and teaching and life-coaching people aiming to awaken the church to its highest purposes and calling. My God-given passion is to see people changed and transformed through His Jealous Love!

Blessings, Nancy Akins



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